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ACSP Shop is an online shop opened in 2015, since the beginning, our main objective has been offering the best products, 100% natural. We believe that only the products that are formulated with the most powerful ingredients are those which really work, with proven effectiveness.
ACSP Shop is proud to be a Global Distributor of Novacs Supplements for Health & Beauty. Novacs Supplements are formulated with the most powerful Natural Ingredients, therefore, we can assure the effectiveness of our Supplements. Novacs Dinax, for Weight Loss and Slimming Control. Novacs Flavonox, Detox cleans the toxins from your body and organs. Novacs Himalayan, with Cordyceps to Boost a Healthier Life. Novacs Cutin, to whiten and rejuvenate your skin. Novacs Infineen, antioxidants to protect your body and your skin from photo-damage and oxidative stress.
Among our catalog, we also offer an extensive list of high-quality items in different categories such as Cosmetics, Accessories, Makeup, Gifts, and more. Our services include direct selling for customers, retailers, and wholesalers.

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  • Vista Ville C, Lat Sawai, Lam Luk Ka, 12150, Pathumthani, Thailand

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